Plan4LifeNow provides training through webinars, DVDs and live workshops to prepare financial advisors and other professionals to become Elder Planning Specialists®,

Elder Planning Specialist® Course

The Elder Planning Specialist EPS® course gives financial advisors a practical and comprehensive overview and understanding of health, social, family and financial issues that are important to many older adults.

Facilitated by experts, Becoming an Elder Planning Specialist EPS® Course is based on key competencies for serving older adults as identified by financial planning professionals.

The course offers a combined 30+ years of experience from the facilitators, including many real-world examples, tips, tools and resources. As a result, financial advisors will become uniquely prepared to help older adults and their families navigate the new, complex and changing needs of their later years.

The program is divided into ten modules. Each module requires the participant to attend a one hour webinar or live training followed by a 20-question quiz. Participants must attain a score of 70% or better to pass each section

Applicants must have 3 years experience as a financial advisor or other related profession (attorney, accountant) to apply.

Upon completion participants will receive the Elder Planning Specialist (EPS®) designation.

In this two-day course, financial advisors will discover:

  • The big shift required in your relationship with your clients
  • Legal issues to consider
  • End of life planning
  • What every advisor needs to know about health care
  • Strategies helping your client cover the potential costs of long-term care
  • Facilitating communication between aging clients and their families
  • Dealing with clients who demonstrate diminished capacity
  • Documentation resources
  • How to create an eldercare team
  • How to create an action plan, build a network of support and market yourself to the community

Next Steps

Applicants may apply by downloading an application from our site and emailing the completed application to info (at)

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