We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the National FPA to co-market the Elder Planning Specialist program!

Our next cohort will start September 9, 2024!

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Your clients are getting older.

You need to learn new skills to retain them.

The Elder Planning Specialist Program will teach you what you need to know.

One out of three people retiring today will live into their 90’s. The fastest growing age group in this country are the people over the age of 85. 

Take the Elder Planning Specialist Program and Learn How to Be Their Trusted Advisor.

Hear what graduates have to say about the program!

Course Description

This coming age wave will transform how you do business. You will need to learn a whole new set of skills to serve the wealthiest generation in history. Become an Elder Planning Specialist to become a leader in this new field of longevity planners.

The Elder Planning Specialist Training Program is the first program of its kind. It is a ten week online program that deals with all the complex issues that you will face as an advisor to an aging clientele. The program includes:

Students will have reading assignments for each of the modules, followed by opportunities for open and prompted discussions. Completion of the course will require passing the quizzes for each section and a one-hour final exam. Ten hours of CE credits will be available to Certified Financial Planners®.

Course Outline
The course is self paced; however, all requirements for each session must be completed within the one-week time frame.

Week 1

Understanding the Aging Process and the Caregiver's Role with Annalee Kruger

Week 2 

Diversity and Aging and Insights into Retirees 85 and Older with Terry Bradford-Crane & Anna Rappaport

Week 3

Legal Issues of Aging with Harry Margolis

Week 4 

Increasing Approaches to Planning for Extended or Long-term Care with Carroll Golden

Week 5

Social Security and Medicare Planning with Marcia Mantell

Week 6

End of Life Plans/Ethical Wills with Susan Turnbull & Paul Malley

Week 7 

Diminished Capacity and Elder Abuse with Robert Mauterstock & Annalee Kruger

Week 8 

How to Conduct a Family Meeting with Robert Mauterstock & Annalee Kruger

Week 9

Building an Elder Planning Team and How to Develop a Marketing Plan with Robert Mauterstock, Robert Powell & Annalee Kruger

Week 10

Presentation Review and Discussion

Week 11

Break - Week off

Week 12

Presentation of Elder Plans

Open and prompted class discussions will follow each weekly session. Instructors will offer office hours to provide personal attention.

There will be a graded quiz and graded discussion each week both of which will count for 50% of your grade for that week, and one-tenth of your final grade. There will be a graded final exam that will count for one-tenth of your final grade. You will need a final grade of at least 70% to receive a certificate of completion.

Tuition: Early Enrollment: $1495 ($1595 after early bird time period).
Enrollment will close after the first 50 registrations.

The course is offered jointly between National FPA and Plan4Life, LLC

Instructors & Speakers