Financial Advisors: 
Are you adding value to your clients' lives?
Or are you just an expensive robo-advisor?

Today's clients want a more comprehensive partner who will integrate their investments with the rest of their lives. Discover how to actually work with clients to discover their values and priorities and create a financial plan aligned with their life goals. Become the financial advisor who moves forward with them into the next stage of their lives.


We provide training through webinars, DVDs and live workshops to prepare financial advisors and other professionals to become Elder Planning Specialists‚Äč.

Mission Statement

We are committed to training financial advisors to become Elder Planning Specialists, to meet the critical needs of their older clients.

Bob Mauterstock

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 An accomplished speaker, author of four books and sought-after authority and consultant on the financial concerns of baby boomers and their adult children.

Annalee Kruger

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Founder of Care Right Inc, which helps families with aging loved ones navigate through the long term care industry and cope with issues family caregivers encounter.