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Our Story – By Bob Mauterstock

Since I retired from my financial planning practice seven years ago I have been talking to financial advisors all over the country. I have learned a great deal from these conversations. One of my most surprising observations was: Very few financial advisors are prepared to deal with the issues that their aging clients face.

Most advisors have focused their careers on building their clients assets for retirement and managing their money to reach these goals. But now that many of their clients are retiring (10,000 boomers a day!) they don’t have the necessary skills to protect their clients from the ravages of long term care and the complexities of aging.

Few families have had the important conversations necessary to ensure a secure retirement for mom and dad and guarantee a smooth transfer of their legacy to their children.

This past year I met a woman who understands the trials and tribulations families go through as their elders face the difficulties of aging. Annalee Kruger has run a very successful business for over 10 years, Care Right Inc., to help families develop long term care solutions and provide the needed care for failing loved ones.

Together we discussed the importance of an education program to train financial advisors to assist their clients in dealing with the difficulties of aging. As a result we have created an extensive program for financial advisors entitled “The Elder Planning Specialist Program.

This program will be web based and will offer ten modules dealing with everything from Medicare and Medicaid to Legacy Planning. Don’t fall behind your competitors. Become an Elder Planning Specialist now!

Meet the Team

Annalee Kruger


Annalee has worked at every level in the long-term care industry, starting as a social worker over 25 years ago and eventually directing all operations of a community-based continuum of care retirement facility.

Annalee has worked with thousands of facility residents, their families, and caregivers as well as numerous health care agencies, and delivered hundreds of trainings and in-services to professionals and family caregivers on a variety of topics. She has provided business training for organizations across the US and China.

She holds certificates in six sigma black belt; family mediation; and PTSD, grief, trauma, and loss counselling and is a sponsor of the Financial Planners Association (WI).

In 2011 she founded Care Right Inc. to help families with aging loved ones navigate through the long term care industry and cope with issues family caregivers encounter.

Bob Mauterstock, CFP®


Bob Mauterstock is an accomplished speaker, author and sought after authority on the financial concerns of baby boomers and their adult children. Bob is the author of four books books, Can We Talk? The Financial Guide for Baby Boomers Assisting Their Elderly ParentsPassing the Torch, Critical Conversations with Your Adult Children, Financial Advisor Safeguard Volume 1: How to Protect Yourself, Your Practice and Your Aging Clients Who Have Diminished Mental Capacity, and Caring for Your Elderly Parents: Timely Tips for Baby Boomers.

For over 35 years, Bob has helped families achieve a worry-free, comfortable retirement. He has inspired baby boomers and their adult children to give each other the gift of communication and preserve their legacy for future generations.

He has been quoted in a number of publications and appeared on several radio programs. In addition, he has spoken to groups of financial advisors and their clients throughout the country. He holds the CFP®, ChFC, and CLTC designations.

Next Steps…

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