Annalee Kruger

Helping families navigate the complexities associated with caring for aging loved ones.

Annalee founded Care Right Inc in 2011.  Care Right works with families nation-wide in developing a customized and comprehensive Aging Plan.  Typically, the adult family member caregivers reach out to us because they are burned out, find themselves in a medical crisis with their aging loved ones and are unsure how to best navigate aging and health issues or meet the needs of their aging loved ones.  We facilitate family meetings, help families identify their current needs and their future needs and options based on their finances.  We align our families with resources in their area--services to help seniors age at home and/or help with finding well-suited care communities.  The Care Right Grab and Go binder is essential for emergency preparedness.  This plug and play document organizer helps families identify gaps in their planning, helps families communicate what they have in place (insurance, accounts/passwords, end-of-life plans, etc.) and much more. 

We are fee for service.  Care Right also has coaching packages for burned out family caregivers, dementia packages to help families better understand the disease process, and our "young and vibrant" packages for those seniors who see the value in developing the relationship with us NOW vs waiting until they are in crisis. 

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Annalee has spent her entire 25+ year career in the senior care industry and has become nationally recognized expert in the field of senior care planning having presented at a number of healthcare, senior housing and financial conferences as well as hosting dozens of webinars for groups in the same industries. 

She received her BS in Social Work from the University of Northern Iowa and her MBA from Cardinal Stritch University in Wisconsin.  Annalee is a certified Family Mediator with further certificates in Grief, Trauma & Loss as well as PTSD Counseling and has served as an adjunct faculty member in the Human Services and Organizational Development departments at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee where she also received her Six Sigma Black Belt certification in lean process improvement. 

Annalee published her first book titled The Invisible Patient which outlines the emotional, physical and financial toll experienced by family caregivers.


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