Will accumulate 40

trillion dollars by


Learn the skills to become

their trusted advisor.

Become a Certified Elder 

Planning Specialist!

We are excited to be working with Salem State University in the development of our online Elder Planning Specialist program!  The Program will launch in September. Be sure to click the blue button below to enter your information to ensure that you are among the first to get notified of its launch!

 Committed to Preparing Financial Advisors for a Changing World!

Our population is getting older and the planning industry more commoditized, which leaves many aging clients asking What is my financial advisor doing for me?

Plan4Life‘s Certified Elder Planning Specialist curriculum equips advisors to answer this question by teaching them to:

  • Realize their clients are looking for more “value-added" services & advice
  • Understand the aging process & costs of senior care 
  • Recognize when their clients begin to have diminished capacity 
  • Create relationships with the client’s family
  • Facilitate difficult conversations regarding end of life desires & options
  • Grasp the financial, physical and emotional toll of being a primary caregiver
  • Create trusted network of affiliated professionals

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 What Advisors are Saying about the CEPS Program

"For 25 years, I was a police officer. Upon “retirement”, I moved in a different direction, the insurance industry. Part of what I started to do was work in the senior market. Because of that, I was searching out information about that segment of our population to learn more about it and how to help them. That brought me to Annalee Kruger and Bob Mauterstock’s Plan4Life workshop in Milwaukee, May of 2019.

There is so, so much going on when it comes to our senior population and understanding the aging process. The 2 days Annalee and Bob put together helped me tremendously in getting a better understanding of this market space, whether it’s something I, or someone else could help them with. It was certainly worth my time to attend and learn all that I did. I know Annalee does all she can to get people to plan vs. work in crisis mode and hope this learning experience can help me, help others have a plan to help ease some of their burdens." -B. Fleming 

To hear more testimonials from CEPS attendees, as well as a special presentation from Jim Towey, Founder of the Five Wishes program, please click here.

 Think Strategically to Capture More Business!

Did you know that:

  • More than 10,000 Baby Boomers retire each day?
  • More than $40 Trillion will be accumulated by Aging Boomers and then transferred down to the next generation by 2050?
  • More than 90% of children will not hire their parent’s Financial Advisor to manage their investments?

    Advisors who are looking to stand out from the crowd need to understand these changing demographics and dynamics. Plan4Life’s seasoned experts provide the specialized training needed to help advisors:
  • Modify their investment approach when dealing with an aging clientele
  • Protect AUM by creating and maintain relationships with the client’s children
  • Leverage knowledge of the aging process to create differentiation

    Those advisors who take a strategic approach to understanding and preparing for these trends will be best positioned to capture more business as their clients age and pass their wealth down. Stand out from the crowd and capture more business by earning the  Certified Elder Planning Specialist (CEPS) professional designation.