Terry Bradford-Crane is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM practitioner and investment advisor with over 20 years of experience associated with the financial services industry as a financial advisor (CFM) and registered representative, financial literacy advocate, pro bono planner, guest speaker, or educator.  Terry is the owner of BradfordCrane Company LLC, a comprehensive financial planning firm initially established in 2004 to educate individuals on investment topics, inspire investors to reach for their own financial independence, deliver presentations on portfolio development, and provide pro bono financial planning advice to organizations and individuals as a service to her community.  

Additionally, Terry is an adjunct faculty member for the California Lutheran University School of Management MBA in Financial Planning Program and occasional Financial Planning Association® webinar host.  Her commitment to financial literacy is evident in her community involvement over the years as a board member, volunteer, and guest speaker for several advisory boards and mentoring programs for youth as well as women entrepreneurs.  In 2018, she started PeaceOfMindWaypoints.com, a financial planning topics focused blog that serves as a source of encouragement for readers as they work toward “personalized financial missions anchored by who they love, what they value, and personal priorities.”  She established the Kitsap Peninsula Financial Planning Study Group, and she offers pro bono financial advice to families in need via the Foundation for Financial Planning and Financial Planning Association®. 

Terry is a former EA-6B naval flight officer with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the United States Naval Academy and a Master of Business Administration (Financial Planning) from California Lutheran University.  She is a member of the FPA of Puget Sound and the XY Planning Network.

Why am I interested?

…Because my definition of “human capital” cannot be defined or contained by a unit of currency. 

Your human capital is everything that you as an individual bring to bear for the benefit of yourself, your family, and your community.  Everything includes knowledge, wisdom, life experiences, sense of community, love for your culture, support of family, spirituality, and…of course…earning power.  It is everything about you that adds to the greater good of everything your existence touches. 

Elderly BIPOC and diverse populations need access to financial planning professionals that are:

  • Knowledgeable about the systemic economic obstacles to wealth growth.
  • Aware of the value of cultural capital passed to descendants.
  • Intentional about validating fears of clients that have a well-deserved distrust of some aspects of the US economic system; and
  • Willing to teach, encourage, and empower BIPOC and diverse populations by meeting them where they are…with mutual respect.

What I am covering:

  • The roots and normalization of systemic racism in the US economic ecosystem
  • How COVID-19 magnifies economic disparities, mistrust, and need for comprehensive planning 
  • Cultural competence - Thoughts on how to engage the need