Investing the time to become an Elder Planning Specialist has a number benefits including:

  •  The ability to display the “CEPS” professional designation (subject to meeting attendance & testing requirements).
  • Earning 10 hours towards the CFP’s Continuing Education Requirement
  • Increased ability to maintain AUM when inheritance is passed from the client to their heirs
  • Knowing how to proactively create a relationship & engage with the client’s family
  • Differentiation from other planners who are not versed in the aging process
  • Ability to recognize when clients begin to suffer from diminished capacity
  • Learning how to conduct Family Meetings and lead difficult end of life conversations
  • Understanding the costs of long term care and adjusting the investment approach to cover them
  • A method for centralizing critical documents prior to the occurrence of a medical emergency
  • Strategies to create a trusted network of professional that will help grow your business
  • In addition to the benefits listed above, becoming a CEPS also includes the opportunity to join Pioneer Mastermind for only $19.99/month, which includes:
    · Regularly Scheduled Conference Calls to discuss client issues
    · Ongoing Tips & Strategies to better serve aging clients
    · Interactive private Facebook Community
    · Access to thought leaders in the financial planning industry
    · Monthly webinars highlighting best practices, new concepts, industry updates
    · Virtual networking and growing your network of trusted advisors