Drawing on decades of financial and senior care planning experience, Bob Mauterstock CFP, ChFC, CLTC and Annalee Kruger LBSW & Certified Senior Care Specialist have created a curriculum which will allow financial planners to grow their business by gaining valuable insight into the aging process and learning the importance of engaging the client’s extended family.

The Certified Elder Planning Specialist program is a ten-module course, taught over 2 days, that deals with all the critical areas that a Financial Advisor who is looking to understand this segment of the marketplace needs to know. Each module contains valuable and practical information that is relevant to understanding your aging clients better.  Case studies are included so the advisor can see how the information is utilized in real life situations.

Topics Include:

·       Working with Clients with Diminished Capacity

·       Bridging the Gap with Aging Parents

·       The need for a Comprehensive Aging Plan

·       The Hidden Costs of Caring for an Aging Loved One

·       Creating relationships with your Client’s Children

·       Critical Conversations with Adult Children

·       The Importance of Family Meetings

·       Long Term Care – Options & Costs

·       Creating a Network of Trusted Professionals

·       The Grab N Go Binder – What’s in It?

Individuals who attend a Plan4Life certification workshop can earn and display the professional designation of Certified Elder Planning Specialist (CEPS) upon 1) participating in all segments of the workshop and 2) scoring 70% or higher on an open book, multiple choice questionnaire at the completion of the workshop. Those attendees also holding a CFP designation can also utilize the workshop for up to 12 credit hours towards their CE requirement.

Our intent is to build a network of advisors who, as Certified Elder Planning Specialists, will become valuable resources for each other sharing ideas and practical information.  We have structured the program so that these specialists will maintain contact with each other throughout the year via webinars, private Facebook Community and live events.

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